About us

Akobeng is one of the fastest growing brand in the clothing industry. We are the only institution which is set out to produce clothes on a large scale for factories, schools, hospitals, laboratories, fashion designers and clothing lines who wants top quality service and the fastest delivery time.

We also give individuals lifetime experience with our wide range of products and services such as Official wear, Bridal wear, African wear, screen printing-embroidery and many more; either customized or from our wide range of designs.

We also have top class designers who are trained to create outstanding designs with all the details you require.

Akobeng is known for its timely delivery and accuracy. If you are looking for the company to deliver the best quality look no further.


    • Customers:
      • We recognize our customers as our first stakeholders
      • Customers’ needs are our first priority
      • We are committed to giving our customers a lifetime experience
      • Our commitment to your satisfaction is unqualified
    • Creativity
      • Creativity is what it takes to make customers feel confident
      • We employ the skills of the best artisans and designers in the industry
      • We are the premier brand in terms of creativity and innovation
    • Timely Delivery
      • Our hallmark is our timely delivery
      • All orders are treated as express service but without an express charge
      • We believe that delivering your order on time is a lifetime experience that can only be given by us
    • Technology
      • The best technology guarantees the best service delivery
      • We therefore recognize the need of investing heavily in technology in order to provide our customers the best service
    • Leadership
      • We encourage our staff to be leaders in their field
      • We provide the best kind of leadership which creates a secured and conducive environment for our team to excel
      • We strive to become the leader in the clothing industry

To become the leading brand in the fashion and industrial clothing industry

To employ the knowledge and skills of dynamic people to ensure the quality of our service through;

  • Training our staff to recognize customer needs as first priority
  • Investing in the right technology that ensures quality of service
  • Being the leader of innovation in the clothing industry
  • Supporting communities to develop through our corporate social responsibility commitments